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Volume 07, Issue 1

Janet W. Hagen, Ph.D.

International Editor
Alfred Kisubi, Ph.D.

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Susan R. Cramer, Ph.D.

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Fall 2010
From the Editor
Janet Hagen, Ph.D.
Welcome to the Fall/Winter 2010 edition of Human Services Today. As usual we have great line up of articles for you covering a wide range of topics: a new model for working with children who have experienced trauma, an article about self injury, and one on the impact of indigenous language learning on the preservation of indigenous culture. All authors have provided an excellent analysis for the implications for Human Services relating to their topic.

As usual we have our departments including a nice piece on field experience at the management practice level and also one that provides some help for those of us who teach using blended or hybrid methods. You will also notice a greatly expanded Editorial Board. Thank you to everyone who stepped forward to help us!

Our first Special Edition was so well-received we will be publishing another. Dr. Marna Burns from the Human Services Program at Mercer University will be sending out a call for manuscripts related to virtual service provision and technology in Human Service practice. Dr. Burns terms this edition Human Services Tomorrow and it will focus on how technology and virtual reality will impact education, internships, and service delivery to clients. This edition, scheduled for Spring/Summer 2011 will explore ways in which the internet, social networking, and virtual worlds like Second Life can impact the field. The call for manuscripts will be out soon.

In this issue, Dr. Susan Kincaid from the Human Services and Rehabilitation at Western Washington University and Dr. Ray Wolpow from the Department of Secondary Education at Western Washington University present a “compassionate community model” to help children in school setting who have experienced trauma. The model focuses on healing environments and the role of the human service worker. Kindness, Kith, Kin, Compassion, and Community: A Response Model Connecting Human Services and Education to Address Trauma emerged from the authors’ work related to trauma, resiliency, education, human services, and social justice.
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Dr. Toni House from the Human Services Leadership program at the University of Wisconsin focuses on the learning of the Oneida language and the benefits of indigenous language learning in the development of identity, improved family ties and healing and success in higher education. The research leading to Implications of Oneida Language Learning used both face-to-face interviews and photovoice.
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Drs. Laurie Craigen, Rebekah Cole and Tammi Milliken from the Department of Human Services and Counseling, respectively, at Old Dominion University write compellingly about the high percentage of self-injury clients. In Self-Injury and the Role of the Human Service Professional they cite reports that as many as 40-50% of adolescents in inpatient setting engage in self-injury they also acknowledge that many individuals who self injury never receive services. They provide additional information about demographics, relevance to human service professionals and two case vignettes.
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In the Field
Dr. Linda Wark from the Department of Human Services at Indian Purdue Fort Wayne in Field Note: A Macro-Level Field Experience describes an undergraduate field placement that is designed to expose students to the organizational development side of Human Services.
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Web Resource Spotlight
Dr. Susan Cramer brings us up to date with some of the myriad of online tools that are available for blended or hybrid online/face-to-face learning environments. The four, free, tools she covers are: Audacity, Fotobabble, One Minute Lectures and Moodle.
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Tenure Track Position Assistant Professor, Human Services Alcohol and Substance Abuse Concentration, University of Illinois Springfield. For additional information please access the following site:

Tenure Track Position Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Counseling Program at Utah State University. View position announcement on the Utah State employment website is at . Search for the position by department (Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation). For additional information, contact, or by phone at 435-797-3478.

Tenure Track Position Assistant Professor, Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts. See positoin announcment at:

ICFGM St. James Community Outreach is a 501c(3) Non Profit Social Services CDC. We are currently seeking resumes for the following (8) Positions, as Program Director's. These positions may call for you to relocate to Louisiana.
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