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Previous Issues

Fall 2010 -- Volume 7, Issue 1

  • Kindness, Kith, Kin, Compassion, and Community: A Response Model Connecting Human Services and Education to Address Trauma -- Dr. Susan Kincaid and Dr. Ray Wolpow
  • Implications of Oneida Language Learning -- Dr. Toni House
  • Self-Injury and the Role of the Human Service Professional -- Drs. Laurie Craigen, Rebekah Cole and Tammi Milliken
  • In the Field -- Field Note: A Macro-Level Field Experience -- Dr. Linda Wark
  • Web Resource Spotlight -- Dr. Susan Cramer -- Blended Learning Tools: Audacity, Fotobabble, One Minute Lectures and Moodle.

Spring 2010 -- Volume 6, Issue 2

  • The Challenges of the Elderly Immigrant -- Dr. Maudia Gentry
  • Culturally Competent Mental Health Services for Refugees: The Case for a Community-Based Treatment Approach -- Dr. Ben Rader, Psy.D., Dr. Sebastian Ssempijja, and Leng Lee
  • Transition Assistance for the Newly Immigrated: The Role of the Human Service Practitioner -- Dr. Jill C. Dustin
  • Providing Human Services to Latina Immigrants: Victims of IPV -- Dr. Amanda Coleman-Mason
  • Web Resource Spotlight -- Dr. Susan Cramer -- Immigration and Migration Resources.
  • Internationally Speaking -- Dr. Alfred Kisubi -- A Call to Action

Fall/Winter 2009 - Volume 6, Issue 1

  • The Development and Implementation of a Psychoeducational Support Group -- Dr. Pornthip Chalingsooth and Dr. Alexander Faris
  • Investigating the Internship Experiences of Human Service Students -- Dr. Laurie Craigen and Dr. Jill Jurgens Dustin
  • Human Services Trainee's Conceptualization of Dating Relationship: Implications for Counseling Adolescents and Young Adults -- Rebekah Byrd, Kristen Bowdler and Danica Hays
  • Web Resource Spotlight -- Dr. Susan Cramer -- Computational Knowledge Engines
  • Internationally Speaking -- Dr. Alfred Kisubi -- A call to action to attend to the mental, social and physical health needs of immigrants and refugees
  • Leadership Challenges -- Dr. Janet Hagen -- Status of women in the workplace
  • In the Field -- Kelly Felice and Brittany Pyle -- Metro State Student Food Bank

Fall/Winter 2008 - Volume 5 Issue I

  • Diversity and Social Justice Dynamics: An Analysis of the National Standards for Human Services Education -- Dr. Susan Kincaid
  • Introduction to Grant Writing for Undergraduates and Community Professionals -- Dr. Linda Wark
  • Web Resource Spotlight -- Dr. Susan Cramer -- Futures Forecasting
  • Internationally Speaking -- Dr. Alfred Kisubi -- International Editorial: A Modest Proposal
  • Leadership Challenges -- Dr. Janet Hagen -- Leadership During Hard Times
  • In the Field -- Dr. Janet Hagen -- Wise Women Gathering Place

Fall/Winter 2007 - Volume 4 Issue 1

  • No Grandchildren Left Behind: Educational Issues Faced by Grandparents -- Dr. Josephine Norward and Dr. Carol Williams
  • Building Self-Efficacy and Higher Education Programming For Welfare Leavers -- Dr. Amanda Coleman Mason and Dr. Paula Lampely
  • NGOs, Millennium Development Goals and Universal Primary Education in Uganda: a Theoretical Exploration -- John Daniel Bakibinga Ibembe, Ph.D.
  • In the Field -- James L. Greenstone -- Negotiating for Success: A Law Enforcement Case Study with Universal Applicability in Human Services
  • Web Resource Spotlight -- Dr. Susan Cramer -- Collaboration with Google docs
  • Leadership Challenges -- Dr. Janet Hagen -- Chasin’ Chickens.

Fall 2006 -- Volume 3 Issue 1

  • Politics, Democracy and Governance in Africa: A Bird's Eye View -- Christopher J. Bakwesegha, Ph.D.
  • The Search for Sustainable Development: Uganda Perspective -- Sister Kobusingye
  • In the Field -- Inganga Twekekembe Disabled Development Association Piggery Project
  • Web Resource Spotlight -- Dr. Susan Cramer -- Log frame analysis and needs assessment resources

Spring 2005 -- Volume 2 Issue 2

  • Enforcing the Right to Health before the Courts: The case of HIV-AIDS in Chile -- Rodolfo Figueroa
  • Expanding the Potential of Online Courseware in Human Service Classrooms -- Penny A. Garcia and Stephen A. Rose
  • In the Field -- Iganga Female Headteachers Association (IGAFHA) -- Florence Mutyabule, Link Secretary
  • Web Resource Spotlight -- Dr. Susan Cramer -- Evaluating program and community impact resources

Fall 2004 -- Volume 2 Issue 1

  • Family and Community Advocacy: Human Services & Professional Leadership Course -- Ann Frisch
  • Using Family Culture to Illustrate the Basics of Intercultural Interaction: An exercise to teach the problems and potential of cross-cultural interaction -- Joe W. Hatcher, Jr., Marguerite W. Parks, and Karin Suesser
  • Theories of Organizational and Social Systems: Utilizing Systems Theory in Evaluating a Case Management Governmental Organization -- Michael R. Rose
  • Pilot Study of Time Commitments of Students at Two Commuter-based Universities (CSUS & ODU): Undergraduate students in Social Work & Human Services -- Dale R. Russell
  • In the Field -- CHAPS Academy
  • Web Resource Spotlight -- Dr. Susan Cramer -- Program planning and evaluation resources

Spring 2004 -- Volume 1 Issue 1

  • Infusing Technology into a Human Services Curriculum: A Developmental Approach -- Dr. Susan Cramer and Dr. Janet Hagen
  • Determinants of Career Professional Development of Female Teachers in Uganda -- Dr. Alice Merab Kagoda
  • Shopping While Black:Applying the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to Cases of Consumer Racial Profiling -- by Anne-Marie Harris, Esq.


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