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Volume 3, Issue 1
Fall 2006

Janet W. Hagen, Ph.D.

International Editor
Alfred Kisubi, Ph.D.

Technical Editor
Susan R. Cramer, Ph.D.

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From the Editor
Janet Hagen
            This issue of Human Services Today is very special because it is the first time we have had all article submissions generated from outside the United States.  Since we are the premier, international, electronic journal in Human Services this is a real milestone.

            The first article by Professor Christopher J. Bakwesegha who is the Vice Chancellor at Busoga University, Politics, Democracy and Governance in Africa:  A Bird’s Eye View, is an invited piece.  Dr. Bakwesegha writes about issues such as poverty and violence on the African continent, but also the rich resources available.  His premise, that Africa’s problems stem form its leadership, is compelling.  His honesty and knowledge of Africa historically and contemporaneously provide us with a riveting text.  His concept, early in the paper, of “forging unity in diversity” is a call to us all in this age of globalization.

            Human Services Today was fortunate to receive a manuscript from Sister Prisca Kobusingye who is a Senior Lecturer at Uganda Martyrs University.  Sr. Kobusingye’s article Sustainable Economic Development:  Uganda’s Perspective is an analysis the results of state decentralization and privatization.  Sr. Kobusingye addresses the needs of the workers who are caught in what is termed structural adjustment, also termed retrenchment.  In Uganda, local authorities are seeking partnerships with local entrepreneurs but how the structural adjustment pushes the social responsibility for the joblessness and poverty to local and volunteer agencies.  Human Service educators, practitioners and students can learn much from this article about globalization, poverty and the potential of privatization to help or further victimize workers.

           Our third article is from Dr. Alfred Kisubi, our international editor. In his article Socio-Economics Status (SES) Trends, Schooling/Human Services in the Information Age: Surfing the New Cultures he discusses two trends emerging in the U.S. (social-economic stratification and changing youth and family profiles). He then posits four possible delivery outcomes and implications for both education and human services. This is a most thought provoking article.

            In the Field reviews an interesting approach to economic self-sufficiency for people with disabilities in the Mayuge district in Uganda:  a piggery project.  The Twekekembe Disabled Development Association put together this program to raise and sell pork and piglets.

            Supporting the theme of this edition, economic self-sufficiency, Web Resource Spotlight examines a variety of web sites devoted to program development. Specifically addressed are needs assessment and log frame assessment.  These tools will programs focus on community needs, organizational development, resource issues and a realistic timeline.

As always, I look forward to hearing your comments, suggestions as well as reviewing your manuscript or accepting your offer to serve on our editorial board.

Politics, Democracy and Governance in Africa: A Bird's Eye View
Christopher J. Bakwesegha, Ph.D.
Paper presented on the occasion of a Seminar on “Globalization: Africa’s Experience.” Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, and Busoga University 20th to 24th June 2006 Busoga University Campus.
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The Search for Sustainable Development: Uganda Perspective
Sister Kobusingye
Uganda like other nations has been in search for sustained development since time in memorial.  This paper does not pretend to cover the historical events of this search but to highlight that the cooperation between the public sector, specifically that local government and the private sector, entrepreneurs in particular contributes greatly to economic development sustainability and poverty reduction.
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Socio-Economic Status (SES) Trends, Schooling/Human Services in the Information Age: Surfing the New Cultures
Alfred T. Kisubi, Ph.D.
Since 1980, a change in the American class system has become so noticeable that social scientists have began to chart and project a trend, with a sixth social-economic class emerging at the lower end.
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In the Field -- Inganga Twekekembe Disabled Development Association Piggery Project
The Inganga Twekekembe Disabled Development Association (TWEDDA) has formulated and proposed a unique new project entitled The Piggery Project. Developed as a pilot project by persons with disabilities from two different parishes in Mayuge Town Council, Mayuge District, Uganda, this project is a means toward economic empowerment. Persistent poverty is the major problem facing this group. Thus, this project’s purpose is to develop income generating activities to sustain participants and ameliorate poverty.
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Web Resource Spotlight
Susan Cramer
This issue of HST discusses a variety of exciting international projects. Are you involved in similarly exciting projects or do you have a project idea but aren’t quite sure how to get it off the ground? Here are a few websites that you might find helpful in project development. Specifically they address Log Frame Analysis and Needs Assessment. If we don’t know what we are trying to accomplish, odds are we won’t accomplish it. If you have additional sites you use, send them to me and I’ll list them in our next issue.
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The 2007 Midwest/North Central Organization for Human Services Conference Call for Proposals. Submit a proposal and join us for our annual conference March 29-31, 2007 at the Best Western Midway in Debuque, Iowa. This year's conference theme is Outside-In Inside-Out: Thriving in Human Services. Proposals due January 29, 2007. Submit electronically as Microsoft Word attachments using the attached format to Linda Wark
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Kennesaw State University is accepting applications for a 12-month, tenure-track administrative faculty position as Department Chair in the Department of Human Services. Position available: July 1, 2007. For more information contact Dr. Mitchell Collins, Chair,
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